Frequently Asked Questions:

What is S.E.P.A.C?

S.E.P.A.C stands for Special Education Advisory Council. It is a parent run organization that works in partnership with the Triton Administration to provide input on policies, programs, practices, and services that affect children with disabilities as well as their families.

Why Join S.E.P.A.C?

  • Gain a better understanding of the I.E.P, 504 plans and parent rights.
  • Opportunities to voice concerns and provide direct input on school policies and programs.
  • Share advice and give/ receive support from people who understand your situation.
  • Participate in various workshops and presentations from guest speakers.

Who can join S.E.P.A.C?

S.E.P.A.C is open to all members of the Triton community and is strongly encouraged for parents/ guardians:

  • with a child who receives special education services
  • who thinks their children may have learning, behavioral, attention or social/ emotional issues
  • who want to learn more about the special education process

Special Education doesn’t mean that a student is incapable of learning. It means they need different supports in order to succeed.

Join Triton S.E.P.A.C today.

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